Welcome to Ayers Career College Course Choice Program!

The Ayers Career College Course Choice Program is expanding educational opportunities for all Louisiana students. Students will have access to a wide range of courses, both online and in person, including industry recognized certification programs, and career & technical preparation courses. Students can take any Course Choice program they are academically qualified to take.

Register to enroll in your course of choice, and Ayers staff will work with a school counselors to make sure the course is academically appropriate, logistically practical, and keeps the student on track for an on-time graduation.

Industry Recognized Certification Programs &
Career and Technical Preparation Courses

Each course is designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge needed for future career success. The programs and courses will help the student work toward developing career goals and obtain certifications in industry recognized programs.

Students will earn high school credits after completing any of the available online or face2face career preparation courses.

For information on any of the available programs, click on either course catalog below: